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Test Preparation

At Alhind Study Abroad, we provide top-notch instruction in IELTS and PTE courses. With its efficient IELTS and PTE instruction, it prepares students to handle communication obstacles. Hundreds of pupils who have moved to different regions of the world attest to Alhind's ability to provide effective instruction. Alhind is one of Calicut’s best IELTS preparation facilities. We are known for our cutting-edge teaching methods. IELTS (International English Language testing system) aim at equipping the learners with all the tools and mechanics of listening, speaking, reading and Writing (LSRW) Skills in English so that they get a dream band in the test. With our Intensive training at individual pace and instant feedback will ensure high band for each of our learners focusing on all four modules. We offer a wide range of reference materials and a pool of experienced trainers. Elaborate analysis of previous questions papers and periodic practice tests including weekly mock tests are also done by our tutors.